Simmenthal Jellied Cured Beef “Simmenthal carne in scatola”


3×70 gr


Beef in vegetable gelatine. Only 2% fat. Ideal for salads. Beef in vegetable jelly. Simmenthal beef uses only high quality select beef and contains only 1.5% fat. Simmenthal has a distinctive taste that goes well with different flavours. Try it in a tasty pasta, rice with vegetables or salads according to your imagination. Ingredients: Stock (Water, Honey, Herbs, Natural Flavourings, Spices), Cooked Beef Meat 35% Equivalent to 98g Raw Lean Meat (70% of the Stated Weight), Salt, Marsala, Gelling Agent: Agar-Agar, Thickener: Carob Seed Flour, Flavour Enhancer: Monosodium Glutamate, Preservative: Sodium Nitrate.


Weight 0.500 kg


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